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Why You Should Avoid Dumpster Brokers & How to Identify Them

Jul 06, 2021
Whether you’re planning a large move or a renovation project, you may be considering renting a dumpster to help make waste removal easier. However, picking the right service for you goes beyond comparing different prices. One of the main things you’ll need to learn to identify is a dumpster broker. Navigating the industry lingo and knowing the different aspects of rental in regards to a broker can be difficult, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you learn everything you’ll need to know about dumpster brokers - including why you should avoid them.

What Is a Dumpster Broker?

In a direct dumpster rental transaction, there are two parties: you, the customer, and the dumpster rental service. However, sometimes there can be a third party situated in the middle. In this situation, this is a dumpster broker. Many times, the dumpster broker will have established a deal with the dumpster rental service that is similar to an advertising service. The dumpster rental service will offer the broker a lower service price in return for the broker introducing the company to a larger audience. For some people, a dumpster broker can be beneficial since there may be a reduced price compared to a direct transaction. However, this isn’t always the case.

Disadvantages of Using a Dumpster Broker

While a dumpster broker and their fees may be at a cheaper cost in some circumstances, for many people seeking only a single dumpster for a project this may not be the case. As the middleman for your dumpster renting transaction, a dumpster broker will need to conduct business in a way that allows them to profit even with the expense of reaching out to a dumpster rental service. This means that many will include extra fees or costs into their contract, which can ultimately cost you. A dumpster broker may also not be your best choice if you plan on renting dumpsters often in the future. Familiarity builds reputation, which can be beneficial when you’re signing multiple contacts with a dumpster rental company. However, a broker can utilize several different companies, keeping you from building loyalty or a relationship with a single service. Communication can also be a major disadvantage to using a dumpster broker. Since they’re acting as the middleman for you and a dumpster rental service, you’ll often have to wait hours, if not days, for answers. When you’re working on a strict time limit, such as with a renovation project, the last thing you want to do is to find yourself waiting for answers.

How to Identify a Dumpster Broker

Dumpster brokers can be hard to spot, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Dumpster brokers rarely - if ever - advertise themselves as brokers, so you’ll have to do some research into their company to make sure. First, see if there’s a toll-free number. While this is common for services, it can also be a sign of a broker. You should also be suspicious if they ask for your zip code before offering details. Most dumpster rental services are local and thus will have their information prepared for you beforehand. Lastly, like we mentioned before, if you’re noticing a substantial delay in communication that can also be a key indicator of a possible dumpster broker. This is because they’re communicating with you and the dumpster rental service, which can cause some time lapses while relaying information.

Take the Hassle Out of Waste Removal

Navigating your choices for dumpster rental shouldn’t be difficult. Here at Haul It a Day, we pride ourselves on clear customer service and transparent business practices. To learn more about our dumpster rental prices and services, call us today at 651-615-4423 or contact us online.

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