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Can I Throw My TV in the Trash?

Jun 03, 2021
You’ve finally decided to upgrade your long-suffering television? Congratulations! However, the next big question is: How to dispose of TV?

It might surprise you, but televisions can't go out with your regular household garbage as they contain toxic chemicals that are not exactly bio-degradable and negatively impact our climate and environment.

Therefore, we have answered, below, your most common queries regarding safe and environmentally-friendly TV disposal.

Read on!

Why Can’t TVs Go to Landfills?

Televisions contain chemicals and certain materials like plastic and glass that are harmful if not disposed of correctly. These materials generally take hundreds of years to degrade and consume valuable real estate in already overwhelmed landfills.

The chemicals in question include flame-retardants. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has called for the removal of these chemicals. Yet, they are still prevalent in televisions on the market today.

In addition to the materials of your television taking eons to degrade, the aforementioned toxic solvents and other chemicals found in televisions can also leak, polluting the air.

Why Proper TV Disposal is Important

Fighting climate change and ensuring proper disposal of our electronics and other recyclables go hand in hand with each other. Overfilled landfills are harmful to the planet and are major culprits for greenhouse gas emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide.

When you choose to take your old television to the appropriate recycling center instead of leaving it on the side of the road, you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and help fight climate change.

Disposal Options

Take note that many garbage removal companies provide a designated electronic waste pickup day, but this is not always a guarantee and may not be available in your region. Moreover, many states have laws that prohibit setting electronics curbside.

Therefore, let’s look at some easy and safe ways to get rid of that TV of yours:

1. Donate It

If your television is in good working order, why not donate or sell it?

Libraries, churches, and schools are always in need of a working television. These organizations will usually pick it up themselves, which is only a bonus for you.

Many games and consoles only connect to old CRT televisions and could be a treasure for someone looking to play a classic video game.

If your television is a bit newer and functions well, consider selling it on sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, or Facebook Marketplace. Sites like these are great ways to pocket a few bucks while having someone take it off of your hands.

Why throw your television away when you can donate it or even make a little cash out of it!

2. Take It to a Recycling Facility

Many waste removal companies have drop-off sites or offer pickup services for old televisions and other electronics.

You may have to pay a fee, but fees are better than potentially being fined for leaving your television on the side of the road!

Chains like Best Buy also have programs in place for television pickup. Your local store may even have a promotion that includes pickup and safe disposal of your old television if you purchase a new one through them.

3. Return It to the Manufacturer

Many television manufacturers have drop-off sites and practice safe recycling for their older models. All you need to do is give them a call to see if yours qualifies and arrange drop-off or pickup.

A fee may apply or you may even get a rebate of some kind for this service.

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