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Total dumpster rental costs depend on several factors, including: trash type, trash weight, dumpster size, location in Minnesota, and government fees/taxes.


Up Front Costs

There are really 2 separate transactions associated to dumpster rental, the delivery, rental, and pickup of the dumpster, and waste disposal.
The upfront costs that we charge include everything that we are in control of and an estimate of what the dump will charge for the actual waste disposal. At this point, we know where you live, so we can deliver the dumpster and assess any mileage charges if they apply. We also know what county you are in so we can assess the correct environmental fees. What we don't know is what you are going to throw away or how much we are going to be charged.

Final Costs

Once we have picked up your dumpster and taken your trash to the dump, we know what the final charges are. We have an exact weight and know what "extra charge" or banned items you threw away and what the dump charged us. These Items may be mattresses, upholstered furniture, electronics, appliances, or hazardous wastes, among other things. When we have our bill, we can now bill you for the final charges.
This may seem like a clunky process and some people get frustrated with the second bill, but this is the best way to keep costs down for everyone.

Other Thoughts

As you are shopping around, keep in mind that there are at least 4 different kinds of businesses that you can rent a dumpster from:
1. A broker: These guys are experts in the internet and usually will pop up 1st on the list on Google. They Contract with local haulers to get the dumpster you. This is the worst possible way to rent a dumpster for many reasons.
2. Your weekly trash hauler: This may be a good option so definitely check into it. Most often you will pay more for a roll-off dumpster because this is not their core business.
3. A local contractor: Many contractors offer dumpsters as a secondary service. This may be a good deal but their own projects will always supersede dumpster orders.
4. A Dumpster Specialist: This is your local hauler that primarily rents dumpsters. They are usually the most cost effective option and they should know all of the rules involved. They literally have 1 job and, hopefully. they do it well.

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