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Yes, dumpster companies use brokers.

Here are some pros and cons you have when working with dumpster brokers.

Pros: Dumpster brokers typically have multiple dumpster companies that they work with. So when you are ordering a dumpster through a broker and need the dumpster in 1 day they can probably find an available dumpster. Where you may need to call several actual dumpster companies to get a dumpster in 1 day.

Cons: You will get charged more than just working directly with local companies because the broker takes their cut and pays the local companies their standard fee. The customer service will not be as good because the customer is dealing with the broker and not directly with the local roll off dumpster company.

A lot of dumpster brokers are hard to spot because they act like they are local dumpster companies. Below are some roll off dumpster brokers that we have used. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages and we do not endorse any of them.

Budget Dumpster
Same Day Dumpster Rental
Hometown Dumpster Rental
Trash Warrior


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