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Dumpster Rental Process
First you need to determine how large of a dumpster you will need to be able to hold all of your trash disposal needs.
If you are not sure what roll off dumpster size you need just call Haul It A Day at 651-615-4423 and we will help you determine the size you need for your cleanup project. Or on the FAQ page look at the answer to the question What size is right for me?

Once you know the roll off dumpster size that you need you can either call us at 651-615-4423 or you can order online and select your dumpster size and an open day when you need the dumpster delivered. Please let us know in detail where you want the dumpster dropped off at. Example right side of driveway facing garage. When we deliver the dumpster to your location we put it on boards to protect your driveway. You have 7 days to fill it with trash. On the 7th day we will call you on our way to pick up your dumpster and take it away.

If you have finished loading the dumpster early let us know and we will pick it up as soon as we are available to get it. In the case that you need to keep the dumpster longer than 7 days you can keep it longer but we do charge an extra $15.00 per day for any extra days you keep the dumpster and you will need to call us 1 day before we are scheduled to pick up your roll off dumpster.

On the day we pick up the roll off dumpster we scan what we can see in the dumpster before we pick it up and if we see any items that would be an extra charge because the dump charges us for them we let you know and decide if you want to pay the extra fee or if you want it removed from the dumpster and left at your home. Please see the FAQ page answers to the question What can't be put in the dumpster? for items that get an extra charge and items that can't be added into the dumpster.


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